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History of the estate

Wine growing is a long-time tradition in the valley; however, it was only after the World War II that wine makers started focusing on high quality wine by carrying out massal selection and reducing crop production. The Grenache noir is little by little re-staking its claim, the Mourvèdre comes from Bandol and the Syrah comes from the Côtes Rôties. The blend of these three varieties makes for high-quality flavoured wines. In 1995, the work of generations of wine growers was rewarded as we obtained official Les Baux-de-Provence AOC classification.

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Based on accounts, Lauzières was founded in the 16th century when the Huguenots took refuge in the Alpilles. However, it was in 1992 that Gérard Pillon and Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer, fervent wine lovers, discovered the Lauzières estate close to the Via Aurelia, in the heart of this sunlit region. Back then, the estate belonged to the Boyer family. The Boyer sisters had inherited it from their father, Lucien, who died in 1962. As they were nearing retirement, they were looking for a buyer. An agreement was reached immediately; Gérard Pillon and Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer bought the estate!

When they took over, Gérard Pillon and Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer carried out work to revitalize and modernize the estate: the buildings were renovated; half of the vineyard that was in poor condition was uprooted and replanted in a lyre-training system. The new owners also learned to control the problems of the region: heat waves, erosion, fires. They graded the roads, found cover crops to retain the soil, cleared the land and planted shelterbelts. In 1999, they experienced a fire that destroyed almost 2,000 hectares in the region. It was the olive grove that saved the estate from fire.

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