The history of the Lauzières estate oil

The Lauzières olive grove is approximately 25 hectares, with over 4,500 olive trees. After the severe frost in winter 1956, the century old trees, for the most part, were entirely cut back and survived owing to the magnificent clay-limestone soils in the Alpilles.

It was also the olive grove that saved our estate during the devastating fire of summer 1999 that destroyed over 2,000 hectares of scrubland and pine trees in our region. Only vines and olive trees are able to stop the fire from spreading when the strong mistral wind fuels the flames, an unfortunately ancestral Mediterranean calamity.

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Four olive oil species are blended together at the mill in order to obtain fine complex aromas: Salonenque – massal selection olive of our region, it occupies more than 2/3 of the olive grove - Grossanne, Verdale and Picholine.

All the ancient local varieties stem from massal selections with no known origin since the Romans introduced the vines and the olive tree to Massilia (Marseilles), at the beginning of our era…


Organic farming principles

The olive trees are cultivated according to the principles of organic olive oil farming without artificial fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides. Our entire harvest is controlled with the Ecocert (France) accreditation.

Our olives are produced at very low yields in order to preserve an ideal concentration and are picked (les olivades as they are called) in November and December. 5 to 6 kilograms of very ripe olives are needed to produce one cold-pressed litre of oil.


Tasting and ageing

4 varieties (Salonenque, Grossanne, Verdale and Picholine) are blended together to procure the elegance and aromatic complexity of our oil.

Grossane: low in oil, this variety develops a citrus flavour and enhances the taste of our blend.

Salonenque: excellent supple and round olive oil. It is identifiable by its green olive flavour and its freshness.

Picholine: this olive enhances the taste of our blend with its red fruity flavoured pulp.

Verdale: this variety was originally intended to make Tapenade. Presently it brings notes of artichokes and rocket to our blend.

Our olive oil can be kept for 3 years. It is completely unfiltered to preserve the entire organic and mineral richness of its pulp. It leaves a slight deposit at the bottom of the bottle and must be stored at ambient temperature and sheltered from the light. Preferably, the Lauzières estate oil should be seasoned with fleur de sel from the Salins du Midi region.

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