The story of olive oil
domaine de lauzières ...

On nearly 25 hectares, the olive grove of the Domaine de Lauzières has more than 4500 olive trees. After the dramatic frost of the winter of 1956, the trees - most of them centuries old - have been fully reclaimed and have survived thanks to the wonderful calcareous soil of the Alpilles.

It is also the olive grove that saved our Domain from the terrible fire of the summer of 1999 which destroyed more than 2000 hectares of garrigue and pine forests in our region. Only the vine and the olive stop the progression of the fire.

To obtain a beautiful aromatic complexity, we blend at the mill four different olive species: the Salonenque (olive of massale selection of our soil that occupies 2/3 of our olive grove), Grossanne, Verdale and Picholine.

All these ancient local varieties are the result of massale selections that no one knows the origin since the Romans introduced the vineyard and the olive tree to Massilia (Marseille), at the beginning of our era ...

Principles of culture

Cultivated according to the specifications of biodynamic olive growing, without chemical fertilizer, without insecticide and without herbicide, all our harvest is controlled with the approval of Ecocert and Demeter (France).

Produced at very low yield to save an ideal concentration, olives harvest (olivade) takes place in November and December. It takes 5 to 6 kilograms of ripe olives to get 1 liter of cold pressed oil.

Tasting and conservation

The elegance and aromatic complexity of our oil comes from the assembly of 4 varieties: Salonenque, Grossanne, Verdale and Picholine.

  • Grossane : poor in oil, develops aromas of citrus fruit; season our assembly.

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  • Salonenque : excellent round and flexible olive oil; it is recognized by the flavors of green olives and its freshness.

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  • Picholine : olive that season our blend by its pulp with aromas of red fruits.

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  • Verdale : originally intended for the making of tapenade. Today, it brings to our assembly notes of artichoke and arugula.

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Our olive oil can be kept for 3 years. Absolutely unfiltered, to save all the biological and mineral richness of its pulp, it fixes a slight deposit in bottle and must be kept at room temperature and protected from light. Preferably, the Domaine de Lauzières oil is tasted with fleur de sel from the Salins du Midi as seasoning.

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