The story
of the domaine de lauzieres

Since a long time the valley has been a wine-growing area, but this is only after the World War II that winemakers favor a quality wine by making massale selection and lowering yield. Grenache noir is gradualy taking over, Mouvèdre is coming from Bandol while Syrah is coming down from Côtes Rôties. The blend of those three grapes varieties makes it possible to obtain wine with a great expression. In 1995, the work of generations of winemakers is rewarded since the terroir of the Domaine de Lauzières obtains the PDOs Les Baux de Provence.

L’histoire du domaine de Lauzières
Domaine 2

Lauzières was probably fouded in the XVIth century, when Huguenots took refuge in the Alpilles. But it was in 1992 that Gérard Pillon and Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer, passionate about wine, discovered not far from the Aurelia Way, in the heart of this terroir bathed in light, the Domaine de Lauzières. The estate then belongs to the Boyer family. The daughters of the family have inherited from their father, Lucien, who died in 1962. Near from the retirement they were seeking a buyer. The agreement is immediately found: Gérard Pillon and Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer take over the Domaine de Lauzières !

At the recovery, work is done to revitalize the estate : the buildings are rehabilitated, half of the vineyard, in poor condition, is torn off and replanted in lyres. The new farmers also learn to control the problems of the territory : heat wave, erosion, fire ... They level the paths, find weeds holding the ground, clearing brush and plant wind breezes. In 1999, they face the fire that destroyed nearly 2,000 hectares in the region. It is the olive grove that saved the Domaine de Lauzières from the fire.


A vineyard
at the heart of the alpilles

Domaine 3

Nestled in an undisturbed valley of the Alpilles, in the south-east of the valley of the Baux de Provence, the Domaine de Lauzières covers 31 hectares of vineyards, 25 hectares of olive trees and 23 of garrigue. This is from this precious alchemy of clay-limestone soil, that Christophe Pillon owner-harvester, draws inspiration from a double collection of olive oils and wines respectful of the most natural methods. Biodynamic viticulture, maturing in amphoras, harvests by night, each phase of elaboration is mastered in the smallest details, where the hand of the man is discrete so that the truth of the nature is expressed.

In 2011

Gérard Pillon passed the torch to his son Christophe who then bought the shares of his father's associate, Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer, to realize his visionary projects. A dynamic entrepreneur, Epicurean and committed to sustainable development, Christophe perpetuates and reinforces the domain's commitment to organic and biodynamic agriculture while modernizing it while respecting the traditions it embodies.

In 2015,

The Demeter certification is issued to the wines as well as for the olive oil, that gratifies the team of the Domain for these efforts on the preservation of the biotop (1800 varieties of birds listed on the Domain). Demeter is the international brand of biodynamics, present in more than 50 countries on all continents, with more than 300 winegrowers in France and more than 700 in the world. Refer to the heading "biodynamic viticulture according to Lauzières" for further informations.

In a spirit of constant innovation, the Domaine de Lauzières imagined maturing its wines in amphoras, as did the Romans before that the Gallic invented the barrel. Prototypes, made of natural clay and ovoid shaped, have been made and since the 2004 vintage, the Domaine has been raising some of its wines in these containers (Sine Nomine). Today, the winery has about sixty amphoras and a large fermenting room with stainless steel tanks. This combination of old- fashioned winemaking brings the best wines from the Domaine to the apogee of their expressiveness through both traditional and innovative work. The entire harvest is organic and bottled at the property. A wide range of organic wines is offered in red, white and rosé, enough to satisfy the most demanding noses and palates.

Deliberately limit the yield

The productivity of each vine is limited each year during the green harvest in July. This manual operation makes it possible to eliminate any excess bunches early compared to the optimal equilibrium of the plant.

A vinification that is both traditional and innovative.

The harvest usually starts at the end of August. Careful analyzes of the sugar potential, the malic and tartaric acidity in the grapes help to determine the optimum maturity per plot and to order the harvest qualitatively.

Grape picking is entirely manual and at night. In the cellar, the preparation of the wine uses several traditional methods. The white wines are immediately pressed with the whole bunches to avoid any oxidation, while the red wines are cured one to three weeks before being pressed according to the grape varieties. For the rosé, this one is a bleed rosé.

Our wines are then aged on fine lees 6 months for rosé, 24 for the white and between 36 and 48 months for the red.

All enzymes or artificial yeasts are banned, only the use of indigenous yeasts (that is to say the yeasts naturally present in the grape berry) is for vinification.

The vineyard seen from the sky

A wonderful flight,


A team of passionates

The Domaine de Lauzières is also a place of life with a team of passionates.

All different in their skills ans their temperements ,
They look after the vines day and night to have the better wine.

Christophe Pillon

Christophe Pillon


Born in 1967, with French and Swiss origin, Christophe pick up the torch from his father Gérard Pillon and then bought the shares of his father's partner, Jean-Daniel Schlaepfer, in order to realize his visionary projects in 2011.

He has always been passionate about wine since the date of creation by the same protagonists of Domaine des Balisiers in 1983, when he was only 16 years old. He was able to passively follow the development of the Domaine des Balisiers (Geneva - Switzerland) which was a forerunner in organic and biodynamics agriculture.

He has also been personally involved since 1992, taking care of the renovation of the buildings of the Domaine de Lauzières, including the construction of metal doors which was undertaken with his dad Gerard, with their respective skills as locksmith builder and tinsmith.

To this day, Christophe PILLON makes every effort to continue the evolution of the Domaine de Lauzières in the purest family tradition.

François Marsille


François (born in 1970) arrives at the Domaine de Lauzières in 1993 as a mason with the company in charge of the restoration of the mas. He apprenticed in viticulture in Lauzières and became five years later responsible of the vines.

Then he learns cellar work at the Domaine des Balisiers in Geneva. Responsible for technical infrastructures, François puts his passion for wine at the service of the Domaine's development.

Noemi Schudel


Noemi was born in Basel in German-speaking Switzerland. After his baccalaureate, a day of harvest makes her discover his passion for the vine and the wine. She trained as a winemaker in Graubünden and at the viticulture school in Wädenswil.

In 2008, she began an internship at Domaine des Balisiers and Domaine de Lauzières, where she deepened her knowledge in winemaking, wine aging and biodynamics. Since 2009, Noemi has been developing Domaine de Lauzières wines with passion and commitment to showcase the sublime fruit of an authentic terroir.

Martine Nenert

Administrative manager

In 2012, Martine joined the Domaine de Lauzières team after spending 12 years with a large Groupe in Marseille where she held a position of Executive Assistant.

Today, she is in charge of all the administrative and accounting management of the Estate and welcomes you from Monday to Friday to open the doors of the wine cellar where you can taste our wines in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Gilles Reymond

Comercial manager

Epicurian passionate, having done the hotellière school of Avignon with a specialization in sommellerie, but loving above all the contact and the customer relationship ; In the past, he has developed and implemented business strategies for domains in the South of France.

It is therefore in 2014 that Gilles will complete the Domaine team and take care of the marketing of the wines. A native of the region and with a huge experience, he will develop the image and reputation of the Domaine de Lauzières through a network of passionate professionals.

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