Biodynamic viticulture

La viticulture biodyanmique

We use decoctions and herbal teas to energize the vine.

The decoction of horsetail is effective to ward off insect pests, stimulate the vitality of plants and strengthen their resistance to diseases, parasites or climatic accidents. Horn dung (500 P), stimulates the vine (pH regulation, soil structure, dissolution of mineral formations in soils, increases development, etc.)

Horn silica is more particularly intended for the aerial part of plants. Its spraying acts in a way like a surplus of sunlight. It promotes the structure of plants that become more resistant to diseases, especially fungal diseases. It also improves the ripening and the preservation of the fruits.


Biodynamic olive culture

In the same way as for viticulture, the olive trees are treated in a natural way, the olive oil thus benefits from the Demeter Label.

We follow the biodynamic calendar for pruning, watering, composting and fruit harvesting. Particular attention is paid to the vegetal cover that enriches the soil, protects against erosion, which is the natural habitat of certain varieties of insects that fight natural forms of invasions. The presence of sheep allows thanks to its manure to produce compost and maintain a vegetal cover.

L’oléiculture biodynamique
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